My name is Justin Cooper and I am the author of ’40 Years of Overcoming Cancer’. I have written this book to inspire any Cancer sufferers to fight and believe they can win because there is more to life after their diagnosis.

The profits raised from the sale of my book will go to Cancer Research UK to contribute to the support they give to fellow sufferers.

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“If my story manages to help just one other person believe that they can beat this terrible disease, that will mean more to me than anything else.”

How This All Started

At just 15 years old I was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in my left shin. Fibrosarcoma is Bone Cancer. By the time they determined it was Cancer it had already spread to my lungs.

After undergoing 2 years of painful chemotherapy and endless sessions of radiotherapy, the best option was to amputate my leg just above the knee. I was 17.

I went on to have 3 further “episodes” of cancer, in my early twenties, my late twenties and most recently when I was 53. The treatments throughout these “episodes” has led to me being placed on the kidney transplant waiting list.

When my most recent diagnosis came along, I decided that enough had happened in my life to write a book about it all. I wanted this book to inspire fellow sufferers on to believe that there was life beyond a Cancer diagnosis.

I wanted to share my journey to show other Cancer sufferers that anything can be achieved if you believe you can beat this disease. Cures and treatments are constantly improving and this shows as survival rates are improving.


Jan P:
Justin is such a lovely person. He has overcome many obstacles in his life. He has also packed so much into the years! How he found the time to write this book too, I don’t know! This book is no pity party. Justin says it as it is but at no time did I read that he was looking for help or sympathy. This book was written to help anyone that is going through cancer. He wants you to know that it might not be the end…it might be just the beginning. This book is full of laughter, love and inspiration. If you buy just one book this year, make it this one, especially as all profits go to Cancer Research UK. You won’t regret it!

Wendy Franklin:
I knew Justin when he went through the first cancer episode and the loss of his leg. I was the girlfriend of one of his closer mates at the time!! Thanks to social media I was able to find out about Justin’s book and so glad I did. What an amazing life he has had and I feel honoured to say that I know him. Book is so honest and written in a very personal way. Recommend anyone to read it – it will uplift you!! Well done Justin.

Nicky Pack:
This book will not disappoint and truly does what it says on the tin. Justin is an inspiration to us all and anyone reading this book will feel empowered that they can overcome whatever challenges life throws at them and still live an amazing life just as Justin as done. I’m not a reader usually but could’nt put this book down, worth every penny plus the money goes to charity so you can’t lose.

Mark E Posniak:
Having known Justin for many years I couldn’t wait to read his book and when it finally arrived I read it in a day! What an incredible story of overcoming every obstacle life throws at you and with a smile on his face too! Anyone who has challenges or difficult times – read this book and try and face the challenges accordingly! Well done Justin #Inspired!

I’ve just finished reading your book having cancer myself, dealing with it for the last five years on & off now in remission I found it so inspiring & moving. To get to where you are in your life & still have positive mental attitude is incredible. The part of when you went to Cancun and you went up in the ride hope you don’t mind I found that hysterical to the point I was crying with laughter. How did it come about you writing your book? I needed to read this as mental health is something that’s been issue recently reading this has helped me so thank you for sharing your story.